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Cook Islands

CEO of the Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority (FSDA), Tamatoa Jonassen, talks to Invest 2018 of why the jurisdiction is a cut above…

Vertex: Tax Data Management Experts

Unique in the tax technology industry, Vertex’s Chief Tax Office (CTO) provides insight regarding the impact of tax regulations, policy, enforcement and emerging technology…

Global Business Destinations

Millions of delegates annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitality across the globe. Providing just the right blend of…

International Financial Services

Responsible, well-regulated island IFCs play a central global role that goes beyond tax mitigation, offering fantastic opportunities for both corporations and individuals alike. Under…

The Best of Germany

Germany has to be considered as one of the world’s premium destinations for FDI. This key global investment hot spot can point to government…

Access All Areas in Malta

Peter Cauchi is Head of Conventions Malta, an arm of the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) tasked with promoting foreign conventions and congresses. He has…

Tax in profile: Vertex Enterprise

The tax arena in 2018 is all about data and specifically, tax data management. The holy grail is the unification, validation and enrichment of…

Dublin for Cruises

Pat Ward, Head of Corporate Services at Dublin Port Company talks of Dublin Port’s growing credentials as a cruise destination. How is ongoing redevelopment…

TCO is the Way to Go

With much of the mining sector in the midst of a prolonged economic drought that has seen falling commodity prices, reduced investment and a…

Investing in the Board

When a board behaves dysfunctionally, the reverberations are felt throughout an organisation, as conflicting agendas create cliques and an inability to realise effective strategy….

Gold’s Fortunes

For some four thousand years, gold has held a unique allure, due to its scarcity, almost complete indestructibility and malleability. Early societies operating independently…

Just In Time, Not Just In Case

Driving continuous improvement in material handling is helping to meet the challenges of just in time across a range of industries. Where the goal…