INVEST 2018 reaches a global captive audience of C-suite executives, private and institutional investors. This audience consists of subscribers, qualifying recipients, travellers in select international first class, club class and business club lounges; guests at five star hotels and visitors to select Fortune Global 500 company locations.

As well as being seen in the hard copy, as the next step in a strategic campaign of content roll-out, all content will be reproduced page-by-page and re-designed for web browsers, tablets and hand-held devices as a virtual edition, so that sustained visibility is assured all the way through 2018. Meanwhile, by uniquely bringing to bear pioneering AI, the e-distribution is customised beyond the core audience, determined by the content of each edition.

On top of this, significant global exposure and visibility beyond INVEST 2018 is assured by virtue of the text content being fully search engine optimised to achieve the highest possible organic rankings on Google search platforms. In this way, market penetration is optimised.

INVEST 2018 is brought to you by Sextant Media, a leading B2B publisher of periodicals, with a pedigree stretching back over many years. Its output includes Planet B magazine, produced for Rio+20 in conjunction with the United Nations; the Offshore Guide; and Global Island News. In addition, it has recently prepared a number of specially commissioned reports on everything from optimising just in time manufacturing environments and prospects for world gold markets to attracting talent to the petrochemicals sector. It has also been sought out by the Institute of Directors to provide insights on enhancing boardroom relationships.

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