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With its clusters, skilled labour supply, high productivity, social, legal, regulatory and political credentials, culture of innovation, and strong links between business and educational establishments, Dusseldorf is an FDI destination like no other.

This capital of Germany’s most prosperous and populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, is at the vanguard of technological innovation; a place where investors of every shape and size come to both take advantage of – as well as contribute to – its deep well of knowledge. In particular, it is a region known for its expertise across the design, engineering and IT arenas, while across the life sciences spectrum it plays host to almost 100 companies in the field, as well as numerous related players from the pharmaceutical, medical engineering and chemicals sectors. These, along with industries of every shape and kind, are well served by a rich network of partners from the academic, business and science communities close at hand.

This powerhouse, supremely well-located destination offers ready access to a vast market with high spending power, while its credentials on the infrastructure, education, R&D and labour pool front are enviable. Meanwhile, with established clusters across a range of industries, excellent support for start-ups and a competitive tax landscape, it isn’t hard to see why companies across the globe continue to heed its call. Moreover, Dusseldorf enjoys the status as a leading digital economy, driven by the fact of its unique cluster of mobile communication firms, start-ups and industrial manufacturing companies.

Meanwhile, industry – whether traditional or cutting-edge, heavy or light – shares in common a strong international focus. So, whether it is steel processing or logistics, machine and plant technology or infrastructure services, the global mindset prevails, resulting in a cumulative export figure for companies in the region approaching 50%.

Dusseldorf is at the vanguard of technological innovation.

On the industry turnover and growth front, chemical and automotive industries lead the way, with metal production and processing, energy production and mechanical engineering constituting the traditional bedrock of the region’s fortunes, yet no less relevant today because of that.

With so much going for it, one would be forgiven for thinking there were great costs associated with operating a business out of Dusseldorf, but this is far from the case, while the city’s international business services team is well placed to oil the wheels for new additions to the city’s business scene, whether starting out, expanding into the region or relocating from elsewhere. This includes help not only in finding premises, but also significant services to ensure the company’s corporate relationship with Dusseldorf is a long and prosperous one.

Specifically, these relate to foreign-law procedures like work and residency permit application; professional qualification, training and career opportunities; childcare, schooling and the school system; associations, networks and institutions in international, business and cultural fields, not to mention help in dealing with the formalities of living in Germany in respect of health, housing, insurance, finance and leisure.

Moreover, the quality of life here is second to none, so that the investor looking for the perfect European destination – be they from the Americas, Russia, the Arab world, China, Japan or India – will find Dusseldorf to be both life enhancing as well as somewhere that makes sound business sense. Small wonder 17% of Dusseldorf’s population is foreign

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