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Investment hotspots for 2019

The Caribbean and Latin America are awash with opportunities for the canny investor. However, those locations with the most to offer at present are perhaps not those which would first spring to mind.

Yet, low profile often means high ROI, and in the following instances there is much to suggest this is the case.

The Caribbean jurisdictions of Saint Lucia, Nevis and the Turks and Caicos Islands and the South American city of Bogota in Colombia all have hugely enticing investment narratives, yet each resonates with a distinctive timbre all its own.

Saint Lucia

Invest Saint Lucia, the body responsible for attracting investment into Saint Lucia has excellent pedigree in matching business proposals, project concepts and products of all shapes and sizes with investors both existing and potential.

Now headed up by CEO, Roderick Cherry, it constitutes an essential cog in the development of the country, with its primary focus one of investment promotion and facilitation, a role it endeavours to undertake through being adjustable, flexible, collaborative.

(Invest Saint Lucia) constitutes an essential cog in the development of the country.

The island offers up fantastic prospects across the manufacturing and outsourcing arenas, leveraging its strategic location, business-friendly regulation, stable political and economic outlook, highly qualified labour pool and solid infrastructure. Meanwhile, there are some particularly enticing big ticket tourism and entertainment opportunities in the less developed south of the island, with its ready access to the Hewanorra international airport, about to undergo a $100m redevelopment.

Moreover, anticipated policy changes and legislative reforms are set to create a more enabling environment for investors, which in turn will serve to enhance wealth creation, social equity and environmental sustainability.


Nevis, the Queen of the Caribbean, is part of the twin-island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, yet is fully autonomous on the investment front, and amounts to a distinct proposition for interested parties. Interested parties should make contact with the Nevis Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA), the body tasked with exploring, attracting and promoting investment opportunities that will stimulate economic growth and contribute positively to Nevis’ long-term development.

The jurisdiction’s international finance and asset protection credentials stretch back over 30 years, offering up IBCs LLCs, foundations, trusts, captive insurance, mutual funds and banking, with international financial service provision marked by strength in depth and specialised skill sets.

Interested parties should make contact with the Nevis Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA).

Furthermore, in recent years, Nevis has made sterling proactive efforts to ensure an effective regulatory environment, putting anti-money laundering measures in place to enhance its integrity and accountability and to ensure it adheres to ever-changing international compliance requirements. The importance it attaches to this is evidenced in the AML/CFT Conference it annually hosts.

Yet, beyond this, Nevis also provides opportunities in the tourism, agriculture, ICT and alternative energy sectors for interested parties, with potential in the latter particularly focused upon geothermal, wind and solar, waste to energy generation plants and wave energy. In the field of renewable and alternative energy, Nevis is something of a global pioneer and leader

Moreover, with a government supportive of FDI and that allows for repatriation of profits and for foreign investors to hold up to the full amount of the investment, the jurisdiction amounts to a quality prospect, suggesting excellent ROI.

Turks and Caicos Islands

With its strong history of attracting and protecting investments, the Turks and Caicos Islands or ‘TCI’ as it is more widely known, amounts to a high-end, clean, compliant jurisdiction, and remains one of the region’s stand-out investment prospects.

TCI regularly tops the list of the most desirable tourist spot on Earth.

Known for its high spending low volume tourism model, this is reflected in many of the opportunities available to investors, with niche tourism, smaller resorts, adventure tourism, ecotourism, marina development, medical tourism, convention center development, as well as real estate opportunities around hotels, villas condos and private homes dominating proceedings.

TCI regularly tops the list of the most desirable tourist spot on Earth, and numerous HNWIs have chosen to call TCI home, so taken by it are they. This only adds to its allure for others keen to be a part of this elite set, such that the need for more high-quality accommodation options is profound.

The jurisdiction is a British Overseas Territory, which affords it a level of stability other Caribbean players cannot match, while its pro-business, yet fully compliant taxation and regulatory policies and BBB+ credit rating also serves to reassure.


Bogota, the capital of Colombia is finally coming out of the shadows to take its rightful place as a city of international renown, and one with a rich array of investment opportunities, attracting those charmed by its excellent strategic location, improved political and economic stability and keen operating costs.

Generating some 25% of the country’s GDP, and with a growing reputation as the South American hub of knowledge and innovation, Bogota is also in a position to be able to leverage a strategic sphere of influence that extends northwards to North and Central America and the Caribbean basin, within South America itself and also westwards to the Asian heavyweight economies across the Pacific, so allowing it to present itself as a gateway to Latin American markets.

As well as a focus on attracting value added companies that can boost prospects for the city’s inhabitants, given the wider country’s natural resource wealth, Bogota also lends itself perfectly as a regional headquarters location for sectors such as oil and gas and minerals.

Its appeal reaches right across the spectrum, encompassing services, manufacturing, life sciences and infrastructure, with companies won over to date including Siemens, IBM, Sony, google, GM and Accenture, to name but a few.

Bogota’s appeal reaches right across the spectrum, encompassing services, manufacturing, life sciences and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, infrastructurally, Bogota is a hive of activity with new transportation systems, hubs and utility projects all benefitting from foreign investment. This reflects the importance of the country trade-wise, which sees its airport coming in at number one for air cargo movement in the region, and also offering direct flights to key international destinations

With a highly skilled, young professional and technical workforce approaching some 4.6 million, this city is going places and it is not hard to see why so much FDI is flocking to it

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