Big Science in Poland

Poland is increasingly synonymous with big science, attracting significant and growing levels of investment, such that a big science cluster has formed around the western city of Wroclaw in the economically robust region of Lower Silesia.

With excellent access to Europe’s road and rail and air network, a highly skilled labour pool and extensive research facilities, this has given rise to an innovation- and technology-driven economy with business and science highly integrated and R&D expenditure notably high, all leading to competitive advantage on the global stage

Meanwhile, Poland is a member of a number of international institutions related to Big Science, including the European Organisation for Nuclear Research CERN, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European South Observatory, the European Spallation Source (ESS), as well as the Fusion for Energy and ITER project.

Industrial investors are attracted to the area not least by the range of financial incentives, which help to create a snowball effect of R&D spending, so enabling the region to consolidate its pre-eminent position across a spectrum of specialisations. These include spatial mobility, high-quality food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment manufacturing, ICT, as well as raw materials and secondary raw materials.

Businesses are afforded the opportunity to be a part of this ground-breaking research, or to commercialise resulting technologies.

Much of the activity relating to these is centred upon and administered from the Wrocław Technology Park (WTP), where businesses are afforded the opportunity to be a part of this ground-breaking research or to commercialise resulting technologies.

Here, cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure, combined with expertise, makes for a one-stop-Big Science shop where innovations can be brought to market and revenues generated by way of the path of least resistance. Meanwhile, the complex of modern laboratories and prototype workshops allows for R&D across a range of disciplines, especially: chemistry and bioengineering; physical properties; electronics and energy and; computer science.

Furthermore, WTP offers business incubators, the rental of office, laboratory, production and warehouse space, investment plots, comprehensive IT services and a Conference Centre. WTP can also lay claim to a unique hi-tech production line, ‘The Technological Line’, with particular application to the life sciences sector.

Wi-fi, 3D printers and smart software for autonomous vehicles are just three breakthrough technologies with their provenance in Big Science, and with something for investors of all shapes and sizes, WTP provides scope to forge a highly successful partnership and the opportunity to maximise returns through a unique fusion of science, business and innovation.

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